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Amharic translation services

Are you working, living or migrating to Sydney and looking for an Amharic translation services provider in Sydney? We’ve got you covered! We can provide high-quality Amharic translation services for businesses, individuals, and non-profit organisations in Sydney.

We have handpicked the most qualified and highly-skilled Amharic translators in several fields including medical, financial, legal, business and technical fields.

Our team can are dedicated to providing you with the best Amharic translation service! We go above and beyond to offer excellent customer service. For nearly 10 years, we’ve strived to provide our clients with only quality and fast Amharic translation services by NAATI certified Amharic translators. With us, your translation is in good hands!

For each translation project we receive, we have project managers who will assign your documents to a NAATI certified Amharic translator.

Get a firm quote today by completing the online translation quote form found on this page for FREE!

Read What Our Clients Have To Say

Great Service & price for translation from Vietnamese to English. The staff reads your email & answers your questions to make sure you get the service you require rather than push the service on you. This was paramount for me since my translations had to be acceptable by the Australian government. Will use & recommend this service provider again even if they charged more than others but they don't. Same price as others but much better service. Why would you go elsewhere?read more
Tuyen T.T. Nguyen
Tuyen T.T. Nguyen
03:26 18 Feb 18
First time I used this service and it couldn't have been better. Found myself in a pickle, arriving in Australia and not having a valid international driver's license. After finding out that my own driving license would be accepted here (for driving on holiday) as long as it were translated into english, I chose EthnoLink for the service. After 24 hours I had a pdf copy of my translation, and 2 days later the hard copy came on the mail. No fuss, no problems! Great service! Thank you so much for your help! Would, and will, use this service again whenever needed. Five star service!read more
Nuno Geraldes Barba
Nuno Geraldes Barba
08:22 18 Jan 18
Fast efficient service. I used the chat line on a Saturday afternoon and a real person responded and helped me with all my questions. The translation was arranged in a matter of an hour and I got a draft on the Monday!!! Would happily recommend this service to anyone needing documents translated.The staff handling the request via email were prompt and very polite. I have not encountered such wonderful service in a long time. They are to be more
Carla Sanders
Carla Sanders
06:24 16 Jan 18
Amazing and fast service. Great prices for what they offer compared to other translators. Very responsive to e-mails. Would definitely recommend!read more
Ashy Sheppard
Ashy Sheppard
23:32 10 Jan 18
I wish all services provided such fast and clear communication with their customers. I needed 5 pages of documents translated fast for my visa application. EthnoLink were very well priced, excellent quality and they always responded to my emails within a few minutes, even on the weekend. I would definitely recommend this translation service to others who need documents more
Wolfgang Müller
Wolfgang Müller
04:28 05 Dec 17

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Here at Sydney Translations, we provide FREE quotes for all of our clients. If you want to get one for your translation project, just complete the online enquiry form on this page, upload a clear copy of your document, and click the ‘submit’ button. In no more than 15 minutes, we will send you the firm quote for your translation via email.

Why Choose Sydney Translations

Friendly Customer Service

Sydney Translations is known for its friendly customer service! All of our customer service representatives are quite dedicated to only providing our clients with the best services. If you have an enquiry, we have a 24/7 Live Chat on this page where you can chat with our human support and enquire about your translation needs.

Quality Translation

Need quality translation? Look no further than Sydney Translations! We have highly skilled translators and trained project managers who can complete accurate translations with a fast turnaround time. We also have quality checks in place so your translations are high quality, error-free and accurate!

Fast Turnaround

Are you in a hurry? We have urgent translation services aside from our standard translation services where you can ask for your translations to be completed within 24 hours. We can expedite your translations or put together a team of professional translators who will work collaboratively on your translation project. With Sydney Translation, you’re sure to receive your translations with the fastest turnaround time.

Competitive Rates

If you’re on a budget, don’t worry about a thing. You’ll be delighted to know that our Amharic translation services are priced at the most competitive rates! Get a firm quote on your translation by completing the online translation enquiry form on this page. In just 15 minutes, you will receive the exact quote for your translation project.

Amharic Translation Services FAQ

Do you have Amharic NAATI translators?

Yes, we do! All of our translators here at Sydney Translations are professional and NAATI certified. Each one is handpicked and has time and again proven that they can provide high-quality Amharic translation services undertaken by NAATI certified Amharic translators. All of our translations adhere to NAATI’s highest standards.

For this reason, we can guarantee that your translation has a 100% acceptance rate undertaken by NAATI certified translators requiring NAATI translations for official purposes.

How much are your Amharic translation services?

Pricing Information & Instructions

For only $69, you can receive high-quality translations by NAATI certified Amharic translators. Birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic transcripts, driver’s licenses, police checks and other standard documents are usually at a set price. However, business documents are priced on a per-word basis!

To get an exact quote on your translation project, complete the translation quote form on this page. In 15 minutes, you will receive the firm quote for your translation request.

Sydney Standard

$69/ per document

  • 2-3 Business Days Turnaround by email
  • NAATI Accredited Professional Translation

Sydney Instant

$330/ per document

  • 2 Hour Turnaround by email
  • NAATI Accredited Professional Translation

When can I receive the finished Amharic translation?

On average, our Amharic translations can be completed in just 2 to 3 business days for the standard processing time. For urgent translations, you can take advantage of our urgent translation services. With this option, you can receive your documents in just 24 hours!

Do you provide hardcopies for your Amharic translation services?

Yes, we do! You can request a hard copy for your Amharic translation. We will send it to you via Australian Post. Do allow 3 to 5 days after receiving the soft copy until you will receive the hard copy for your translation. Do note that there will be additional handling and postage fee.

What other languages can you translate?

Aside from Amharic, here are other languages we translate to and from.

Can’t find your preferred language? Let us know, and we’ll endeavour to look for the most qualified translator for you.

Afrikaans TranslationDutch TranslationJapanese TranslationPersian Translation
Albanian TranslationFrench TranslationKhmer TranslationPolish Translation
Arabic TranslationGerman TranslationKorean TranslationRussian Translation
Bengali TranslationGreek TranslationLithuanian TranslationSerbian Translation
Bosnian TranslationHebrew TranslationMacedonian TranslationSinhalese Translation
Chinese TranslationHindi TranslationMalay TranslationSpanish Translation
Croatian TranslationIndonesian TranslationNepali TranslationSwedish Translation
Czech TranslationItalian TranslationNorwegian TranslationThai Translation
Slovak TranslationTurkish TranslationUkrainian TranslationVietnamese Translation

How do I order a translation?

For faster and easier ordering of our Amharic translation services, simply follow the steps listed below.

  1. Start by completing the translation enquiry form on this page. Then, attach a scanned copy or photo for your document. Please make sure you only upload clear and readable copies of your document. This way, we can provide you with an exact quote for your translation after a proper assessment.
  2. Expect that your quote will be sent in just 15 minutes!
  3. Proceed to pay for your translation request via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.
  4. When your Amharic translation is complete, we will email you a soft copy of your translation.

It’s that simple and easy! There’s no need to go out and deal with the heavy traffic. You can order your translation online in the comfort of your home or office. So what are waiting for? Order today.

NAATI Accredited

Express Service Option

Competitive Prices